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Dr. Ramla Mohamed Ali

Yardimeli Specialist Hospital – Mogadishu

Jan 2018 to Present

Clinical and General Procedures:

  • Clinical examination and complimentary radiology and lab tests, and differential diagnosis
  • Interrogating family members, and collecting information about the case to compile patient story
  • Effectively communicate with patient and family to create situational awareness of the case
  • Cooperating efficiently with the team in a multidisciplinary approach
  • Treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, good knowledge of epidemiology
  • Observing development of the child physically, socially, psychologically, and evaluating child’s intelligence
  • Evaluating child immune system, and treating allergic diseases
  • Dealing with chronic illness such as asthma, diabetes, and educating patient and family on treatment


Maternity and Incubators (neonatal intensive care unit)

  • Diagnosing and treating low, moderate and high-risk cases in incubators and their related complications Managing cases of neonates on ventilators and advanced life support of newborns
  • Judging the maturity of preterm and newborn infants, and reviving neonates
  • Proper documentation and follow up
  • Identification of congenital disorder, and performing corresponding procedures and treatment


Pediatric intensive care unit

  • Diagnosing and treating acute emergency cases, including life-saving and resuscitation measures
  • Treating patients on respirators – Managing severe illness cases, and general pain treatment