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Yardimeli Specialist Hospital of Somalia is a hospital, about which a Somalian mother can, with no trouble and in inner peace, take her baby to the health unit for treatment. This is a service expected and deserved by our Somalian brothers and sisters from the people of the world. As Yardimeli Association, we set to work with the slogan and principle of “No More Death Rows for Children, No More Death Watch for Mothers”, and built up a Maternity and Children’s Hospital by relying on the power and support received from our philanthropist donators.

This hospital is characterized as one of the modern and well-equipped facilities in Somalia and even in the East Africa.

By virtue of a bridge of hearts established by the principle of solidarity between refugees and aiders, and with the sense of religious community; Yardimeli Association accepts donations from the philanthropists only to construct a hospital to contribute minimizing maternal and child mortality. Somalia has undergone harsh times when children starved to death and died of diseases, babies died in the womb.

In 2011 we got organized and built up the “Maternity and Children’s Hospital”, which renders services to the people of the region so that children are no longer in the death rows and mothers no longer keep death watches.

We love the created for the creator’s sake. We lend a hand to whomever is in need of it. We adopt that every living soul is entitled to living. We specify most crucial needs and requirements of the region thanks to donations received from the philanthropists. Babies that turn their first age are no different from our own. Our Somalian brothers and sisters deserve a clean, healthy and sterile hospital environment, too. The hospital, which satisfies significant requirements in the region, will be a new hope for generations to come.

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Dhakhaatiir khibrad sare u leh baxnaanada xaaladaha adag ee Dhallaanka ayaa kuugu diyaar ah isbitaalka…



Baaritaan sax ah oo aad hesho waa daawo sax ah oo aad heshay , sidaa…



Waxaan diyaar u nahay inaan kuugu adeegno adeegeena ugu fiican!!! Waxii faahfaahin dheeri ah nagala…



Bukaanada la il darnaa xanuunada ku dhaca WADNAHA IYO XIDIDMADA #Dhaqterkutaqasusay oo qibrad dheerna uleh…



Yardimeli Hospital offers the highest quality of emergency services 24/7 hours  



Isbitaalka takhasusiga ah ee Yardimeli, waxaa kugu diyaar ah qaybta hooyada iyo dhalaanka dhakhaatiir khibrad…



Calaamadaha lagu garto burburka neerfaha ku dhaca. Isbitaalka kala soo xiriir numberka gaaban ee 5444.…


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Yardimeli Specialist Hospital is characterized as one of the modern and well-equipped facilities in Somalia and even in the East Africa

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We have the best and most skilled doctors, well-trained nurses and Health professionals

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Somalia brothers and sisters deserve a healthy, happy and peaceful life just like everybody else.