As it appears from the report, 180 out of 1000 newborns in Somalia died last year. Experts indicate that child mortality has increased even more due to famine and epidemic in the country. Over 70% of the national population is said to be deprived of access to fresh water in Somalia. Measles, pneumonia and diarrhea are the diseases that are responsible for most death cases.

Yardimeli Association set to work with the slogan and principle of “No More Child Mortality, No More Death Watch for Mothers”, and built up the largest “Maternity and Children’s Hospital” in Africa. We strongly and sincerely believe that little ones and brothers and sisters in Somalia deserve a healthy, happy and peaceful life just like everybody else.

Yardimeli Specialist Hospital of Somalia was constructed on 27 thousand sqm area, which used to be a garbage collection and waste storage area in Mogadishu. With a capacity of 100 beds, the Maternity and Children’s Hospital consists of emergency, surgery room, observation room, laboratories, pharmacy, newborn care, intensive care, mosque, conference hall as well as units dedicated for infectious diseases and nutrition dysfunctions, which are common in Somalia, in addition to service rooms allocated for children over 1 year old, training and conference halls and guesthouse. Somalian healthcare personnel that will be employed at the hospital will be trained in Turkey.

Yardimeli Specialist Hospital of Somalia is a hospital, about which a Somalian mother can, with no trouble and in inner peace, take her baby to the health unit for treatment. This is a service expected and deserved by our Somalian brothers and sisters from the people of the world. As Yardimeli Association, we set to work with the slogan and principle of “No More Death Rows for Children, No More Death Watch for Mothers”, and built up a Maternity and Children’s Hospital by relying on the power and support received from our philanthropist donators.

This hospital is characterized as one of the modern and well-equipped facilities in Somalia and even in the East Africa.

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